With A Simple Movement Assessment, Strength Tests, And Over 50 Innovative Exercise Variations, You Can Be A Single Leg Training Expert!

As a high level trainer or coach, you need variety in your programming, but not just mindless variety...

...there needs to be a purpose behind everything you put in your programs.

If you're here, you already are a good trainer. You might even be a great trainer.

But you're always looking to get better!

You value continued education because:

  • It helps you get better as a trainer
  • It allows you to expand your toolbox as a trainer for your clients
  • It gives you the knowledge needed to produce amazing results

In other words, continued education helps you become an expert.

Every trainer needs continued education.

That's why I partnered up with my friend Nick Tumminello, "Trainer to Trainers," to bring you the Secrets Of Single Leg Training Course!

Single Leg Training is a hot topic in our industry. And it isn't gong anywhere...

The problem is that most resources only tell you that you need single leg training in your programs.

However, they don't give you any solutions, except for a few basic exercises.

You know that clients will get bored with basic Split Squats and Single Leg RDLs after a while.

That's the big problem: No one is teaching you the principles behind Single Leg Training!

Are you ready for a Master's Course in Single Leg Training?

Instead of narrowing his mindset and eliminating certain exercises from his programming, Nick Tumminello provides you with a complete breakdown of the various types of single leg training and when to use them.

Nick's not going to tell you exactly what to use with your clients! This course will teach you how to decide what's best for your clients.

That's the best part about this course! It doesn't demand "you must do this"—instead, it's a "here's how you could apply this" course.

The difference between the two?

One tells you what you should use, and the other (this course) explains how to use these exercises so you can decide for yourself.

We know that, as a high-level trainer, you're capable of evaluating this information and discovering ways it can complement your programming system, not replace it.

With this powerful information in your toolbox, there's no obstacle that you can't overcome for training the lower body.

You're going to get the benefit of Nick's years of in-the-trenches experience all delivered to you in a simple-to-digest course format...


What You'll Get:

When you enroll today, you'll receive instant access to:

• The Secrets Of Single Leg Training Course

• 6 Single Leg Training Modules

• 50 Innovative Exercises & Variations

Plus, upon completion of the course, you'll also receive:

• A digital, printable certificate suitable for framing • Status as a Single Leg Training Expert

Course Details:

Tuition: $89.95

Level: Any Education-Driven Trainer

Course Delivery: Digital/Virtual

Course Length: 1.5 Hours

Expected Completion time: 1-2 Days

Course Outline:

Module 1: Introduction

• The 3 Categories of Single Leg Training
• Single Leg Training Defined
• The Philosophy Behind Exercise Selection

Module 2: Squat Variations

• The Truth about Pistol Squats
• Progressions for The Single Leg Squat
• Loading Mistakes (and Fixes)

Module 3: Deadlift Variations

• Progressions for All Clients
• Considering Force Vectors
• The Most Functional Deadlift Variation

Module 4: Hybrids & Combos

• Keys to Identify These Exercises
• Who Should Use Hybrids/Combos
• Using Bands & Sleds

Module 5: Movement Assessments

• 3 Simple Assessments
• The Improvement Exercises

Module 6: Strength Assessments

• Improve Strength Symmetry
• 2 "Go-To" Tests for Determining Imbalances

What You're About To Discover:

• The 3 ways to use Single Leg Training, and why every good program needs them all.

• Over 50 innovative exercises to add to your toolbox as a high-level trainer.

• Why only using basic single leg squat & deadlift variations will limit the results you can get.

• The surprising truth behind pistols and Bulgarian split squats.

• How to apply hybrid & combo exercises to accelerate results for your clients.

• The TRUTH about lunges and why you may be using "good form" the wrong way.

• 3 single leg movement assessments & improvement exercises to spot (and improve) movement issues.

• The 2 "go-to" tests for lower body strength imbalances to use to adjust your training programs for each individual client.

• Creative ways to use dumbbells, cables, bands, barbells, & sleds to enhance your single leg training programs.


BONUS MODULE #1: Single Leg Training Bulletproof Hamstring Circuit

Discover the "Single Leg Training Hat Trick" that you can use with your clients to build up bulletproof hamstrings to help them perform at a higher level and reduce their risk of injuries.

BONUS MODULE #2: How To Design The Perfect Lower Body Workout

Learn how to program your lower body workouts for maximal client results. It's one thing to have a bunch of exercises to use; it's another to understand how and why to apply them for specific client results

BONUS MODULE #3: Using Single Leg Training To Train The Invisible

The concept of 3-Dimensional Training has become popular lately, but you need to know the basics before implementing complex movements. This module is all about learning how single leg training can help a client improve their movement & strength in 3-planes, even if you don't realize it right away!

Become A Single Leg Training Expert Today!

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My "Be A Better Coach" Guarantee...

It's not enough that you simply buy this course. It needs to help you with your career development. That's why we offer our 365-Day "Be A Better Coach" Guarantee.

If, for any reason, you aren't completely satisfied with this course and don't feel that you became a better coach after completing it, we'll refund your entire investment with no questions asked.

It's a no brainer to pick this up!

This info isn't just theory—it's real-world, in-the-trenches, tested information that you can use immediately to get better as a coach (and get your clients better results)!

Become A Single Leg Training Expert Today!

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Your Instructor: Nick Tumminello

Coach Nick Tumminello has become known as the “Trainer of Trainers” for his innovative, hybrid fitness training concepts and for his ability to provide simple, honest, and immediately applicable solutions to common problems fitness professionals face.

He’s an internationally recognized presenter and mentors thousands of trainers through live workshops, mentorship programs, and home-study programs.

As a Coach/Trainer, Nick works with a select group of clients from bodybuilders and figure models, to professional fighters and NFL players, to weekend warriors and exercise enthusiasts of all ages. Nick also serves as the conditioning coach for the Ground Control MMA Fight Team and as the Hybrid Fitness training expert for Team Jaco Clothing.

You’ve likely seen Nick’s work in Men’s Health, Men’s Fitness, Oxygen, Maximum Fitness, REPS, Muscle Mag, Status, Train Hard-Fight Easy, Fighters Only, and FIGHT!

Coach Nick is also a featured contributor to several popular fitness training websites including LiveStrong.com, Bodybuilding.com, WannaBeBig.com, and T-nation.com.

In short, when the best coaches and organizations in the fitness industry want proven, research-backed information, Nick is their trusted resource.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: "Why should I take this course?"

A: This course is beneficial for any level of trainer who values his or her continued development. If you consider yourself a single leg training expert already, then this probably isn't for you. It also isn't for you if you want a done-for-you program to implement with your clients.

This course is not just about adding exercises to your training toolbox—it's about teaching you how and why you should use certain exercises to get specific results!

Q: "Can I get this info anywhere else?"

A: Sure—there are tons of resources and YouTube videos out there to find some of this info if you look hard (and long) enough. But I guarantee this is the only course where you can get all this info in one place delivered to you in this format.

Learning isn't just about listening to information. We've discovered that there is a mothod to presenting that information that accelerates your ability to absorb it. Once you absorb it, you can determine how to apply it...

...That's where the magic happens!

Q: "How long do I have to complete the course?"

A: This course is designed to be completed at your own pace. Not everyone can dedicate the time needed to complete the entire course in a day. You'll have instant access to your course material from the second you invest in the course.

Take as long as you'd like to absorb the info and complete your course. We aren't going anywhere!

Q: "How long is the course?"

A: The entire course is 1.5 hours long, but we've broken it up into easy-to-digest, short modules so it's simple to find the info you want and complete the course in small blocks of time.

Typically, you can complete this entire course by investing an hour or two of your time over 1-2 days to absorb the material.

Q: "What if I don't like the course?"

A: We wouldn't put out a course that we didn't think would help you be a better coach and trainer, but if you aren't happy with the course for any reason, we offer a 365-Day "Be A Better Coach" Guarantee.

So, it's simple...

We know you'll love the course, but if for some reason you don't, let us know, and we will return your entire investment with no questions asked!

Become A Single Leg Training Expert Today!

Just $89.95

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